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Epoxy Resin Flooring Solutions in Chester


We install epoxy resin floors across Chester and Cheshire

Welcome to Exquisite Resin - Your Premier Choice for Epoxy Resin Floors in Chester! Step into a world where floors transcend mere surfaces and become stunning canvases of artistry. Our expertise lies in transforming spaces, and we are thrilled to bring the magic of epoxy resin floors to Chester.
Supporting clients across: Blacon, Boughton, Christleton, Great Boughton, Hoole, Huntington, Lache, Mollington, Newton, Saughall, Upton, Vicars Cross, Waverton.
EPOXY FLOORS for homes and businesses

Luxurious Metallic Epoxy

Our epoxy Resin Floors are installed across Chester and redefine elegance in every space. From luxurious metallic epoxy that shimmers with sophistication to vivid solid colour options that infuse rooms with personality, these floors transform your surroundings into breath-taking works of art. Our customers across the Chester community embraces the durability and seamless hygiene of epoxy resin, promoting a healthy environment with ease of maintenance. Elevate your property with our craftsmanship, a reflection of precision and perfection


Epoxy Flake Floors with textured coatings

Discover our Epoxy Flake Floors which we install across Chester. These textured wonders captivate with their unique appearance, created by integrating multi-toned flakes into epoxy. Installed across the City in places ranging from bustling Hoole to tranquil Upton, benefit from the slip resistance and durability of epoxy flake floors. As they seamlessly blend beauty and practicality, these floors are an ideal choice for both residential and commercial spaces.


High Build Epoxy Resin Floors

High Build Epoxy Floors can be installed across Chester and stand as the epitome of enduring elegance. These floors thrive in various settings, from lively commercial spaces to tranquil residences. Their durability and style coalesce seamlessly, providing longevity and sophistication. Commonly installed in high-traffic zones, these floors enhance the aesthetics of spaces like schools, shops, and even family homes. Enjoy a timeless charm that defies wear and tear.

Your friendly experts in the world of epoxy resin

Why choose Exquisite Resin

Why Choose Exquisite Resin:

Craftsmanship Excellence: Our floors are a testament to precision and perfection, promising stunning results. 

Local Connection: As a local company to Chester, we understand the aesthetic preferences that resonate with the community. 

Efficient Process: Our streamlined installation ensures minimal disruption while transforming your space.

Customer-Centric Approach: Enjoy a personalised experience from consultation to post-installation support.



Most projects are completed within a day, minimising inconvenience and maximising your satisfaction

Yes, epoxy resin floors can often be applied over existing concrete, provided it’s in good condition.

Absolutely, epoxy floors’ durability and customisation options make them ideal for commercial settings.

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